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Biological Psychology 13th Edition , by James Kalat. Like new. Biological psychology. Biological Psychology James Kalat 13th edition. Hard cover. Can meet at Ryerson or in Richmond Hill. Biological Psychology - James Kalat 11th edition. Biology book. Biological Psychology, James W Kalat 11th edition. Hard cover Very good condition. I'm selling this textbook that I've used for one semester. Mint condition. No markings, no bent pages. Loose leaf with a free binder.

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Invertebrate nerves follow the same basic principles as human nerves. Minimalists do not tolerate any kind of animal research.

Professional organizations such as the Society for Neuroscience publish guidelines for the use of animals in research. Abolitionists maintain that no animals have the same rights as humans. The dispute between abolitionists and animal researchers is a dispute between two ethical positions.

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The ethical debate between animal researchers and abolitionists has always proceeded in an intelligent and mutually respectful way. The primary difference between biological psychologists and neuroscientists is that neuroscientists place greater emphasis on studying: a. Much of biological psychology concerns: a. Jill is interested in studying how hormones influence sexual behavior of rats.

Biological Psychology 11th Edition by James W. Kalat

She is most likely a: a. Which type of explanation describes how a structure or behavior develops? Physiological b.

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Ontogenetic c. Evolutionary d. An evolutionary explanation of why we get goose bumps when cold is that: a. A functional explanation of why giraffes have such long necks is that: a. Which type of explanation might describe the presence of a behavior in a particular species by showing how that behavior increased the reproductive success of the species? Which type of explanation describes the advantages provided by a particular structure or behavior?

Which of the following is TRUE about genetic drift? It occurs more often in large populations.

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It occurs when species move to a new location. It takes thousands of years to happen. It occurs more often in small populations. In a small population of sheep, the dominant male may produce many more offspring than the other males, spreading his genes. This is an example of: a. The amygdala appears to be an important part of the brain for experiencing fear. Which of the following is an example of a functional explanation of fear?

Describing the anatomical connections between the amygdala and other parts of the brain b. Describing the neurotransmitters involved in the activity of the amygdala c. Describing why fear improves the chances for survival d. In most bird species, only the male sings and then only in his territory during the reproductive season.

This is to attract females and to ward off other males, which serves to improve their chances of mating.

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This behavior demonstrates: a. In certain species of songbirds, development of the song requires the opportunity to hear the appropriate song during a sensitive period in life as well as the genes to prepare them to learn the song. Which of the following would be a functional explanation for why birds sing? Testosterone causes the growth of certain brain areas which control singing in certain birds. Birds sing due to instinct.

Birds sing because they hear their song early in life and form a template which controls later singing. Birds sing to defend territories and attract mates. Which of the following would be a physiological explanation for why birds sing? An adult male sparrow sings its normal song: a.

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Consciousness occurs: a. In certain parts of certain kinds of nervous system all of the time. Consciousness does not occur when: a. You are daydreaming. The erections of hairs on the body, most often around arms and shoulders are called: a. In furry animals, the erection of hairs helps the animal: a. The sea dragon is a fish that looks and acts like kelp in order to attract its food. Each of the following requires a Ph.