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Hoi An. Today you will head out on the water in traditional bucket boats to experience the everyday life of a Vietnamese fisherman. Explore local fishing communities before trying your hand at catching your own. A fresh seafood lunch will be served on-board afterwards. The afternoon is free to explore or relax at your own leisure. This evening you may want to try one of the town's many riverside restaurants and sample local specialities such as White Rose dumplings or Cau Lau noodles.

This morning you will join a local chef for a tour around Hoi An's markets before taking a boat to the renowned Red Bridge cooking school.

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Here under the guidance of a Vietnamese chef you will learn to marry local ingredients together and create a number of select dishes frequented in the country's cuisine. The fresh herbs used in Hoi An's cooking are renowned for bringing to life many dishes. Hoi An , Danang , Saigon. After breakfast you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the airport in time for your afternoon flight to Saigon. Upon arrival in Saigon you will be met by your guide and taken to your hotel.

Saigon is modern, vibrant and daring, especially when it comes to its food and the next couple of days will act as a fitting end to your Vietnamese culinary adventure. This evening you will join a small group of food enthusiasts for a city Vespa tour. Your driver will whisk you through the streets of Saigon's outer lying districts stopping off at a number of street vendors, intimate music venues and atmospheric bars giving you a unique and fascinating perspective of local life. This evening you may want to dine in one of the city's many fine restaurants.

We can recommend a few of our favourite options. Saigon , International return flight. Today is free to explore or relax at your own leisure before catching your flight home in the evening. Your return flight will arrive the same day. The specialist who designs your trip to Vietnam will have explored the country many times and, in some cases, lived there. Their first-hand knowledge gives us the belief that no other travel company can match our expertise in helping you plan your trip.

Your dedicated specialist will take the time to understand your preferences and build them into an itinerary to match, working to your budget. Trip Planner You can now add pages from around our site to your own customisable trip whenever you see this icon. Click the icon to create your first trip. What is tailor made? Customised itinerary Every trip is unique Flexible accommodation options Designed to your budget. Itinerary highlights Learn the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine with a series of cooking classes, street food tours and market exploration.

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Sample some delicious food at local haunts away from the usual tourist options. Price includes Scheduled international and domestic flights. In-destination transfers. Activities and excursions as detailed. Day 1 International outbound flight International outbound flight Today you begin your journey by boarding your international outbound flight to Hanoi.

Day 2 Ky Son Hanoi , Ky Son Upon arrival in Hanoi you will be greeted by an Audley representative and transferred to the rural village of Ky Son where you will be staying for the next couple of days. Day 3 Ky Son Ky Son Today will be spent venturing out into the village where you will have the opportunity to meet the locals and learn about traditional farming practices.

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Day 7 Hanoi Hanoi An early rise today to sample the country's staple breakfast, the hugely popular beef noodle dish, Pho. Day 8 On-board ship Halong Bay Hanoi , On-board ship An early rise today as you are collected from your hotel and taken to Halong bay, a journey of about three hours. Day 9 Hoi An Halong Bay , Hanoi , Danang , Hoi An This morning you will begin your journey back to the mainland passing remnants of a vast fishing trade that once ruled the waters.

Day 10 Hoi An Hoi An Today you will head out on the water in traditional bucket boats to experience the everyday life of a Vietnamese fisherman. Day 12 Saigon Hoi An , Danang , Saigon After breakfast you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the airport in time for your afternoon flight to Saigon. Day 14 International return flight Saigon , International return flight Today is free to explore or relax at your own leisure before catching your flight home in the evening.

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Keep in touch Join our mailing list to inspire your travels. First name. Cuisines classify food; and foods act as symbolic indicators, linking producers and consumers to social categories—thereby classifying people. Applying ethnographic evidence, you will then discuss what these foods represent and how Vietnamese eaters experience these culinary categories Research Essay 1 Assignment Prompt. The purpose of this essay was twofold: to establish and apply a theoretical basis to Food Studies research, and to begin the process of understanding everyday Vietnamese life through primary gastronomic data generated by student fieldwork cf.

Sutton This essay required each of the 19 American students participating in the program to compile a list of all of the Vietnamese dishes they had encountered in their first month in the country. Students must then properly position and describe five of the dishes appearing in their culinary list on both of the theoretical charts using class, region, gender, and socioeconomic criteria.

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The four best essays students produced for this assignment exhibited an impressive breadth of structural and sociological possibilities available within Food Studies. All these essays underscored the role of the relative visibility of food labor in defining social taste for those who consume its culinary products.

The first of these essays portrayed this dynamic well:. Throughout my experiences thus far, it seems that women street vendors are essential to the Vietnamese lifestyle, but are perceived with little admiration. Therefore, since women are generally the owners of street food, they are perceived with less praise than men in society. My five dishes gave me the personal experiences needed to be able to understand the labor that goes into the food and the type of people who make it.

Natalie K. In terms of social perception, she therefore hypothesized that the public nature of street food and the gendered work that creates it are mutually demeaning. It seems as though the role of women is unescapable [sic] in the creation of all Vietnamese meals.

They are the farmers, traders, sellers, cooks, and in general, the ones in charge of the food…. The more the food conceals the role of women in its presentation, the more prestige and monetary value it holds in society, and vice versa. Thus, like many others, that smiling woman wearing bright pink and purple pajamas that works from 4 AM to 10 PM on the street will never get the recognition or prestige she deserves, especially compared to her male counterpart. Danielle C. Both of these essays emphasized the role of labor and public food production.

They highlight how the social status of food is sculpted by the hands that create it. She notes that the social positioning of food is intimately engaged with its taste on the tongue and the space where it is consumed:. Eating a meal is an experience, not the separation of one of the five senses. Street food is named for its environment and therefore, environment is a strong factor in that food. From this exploration, I am noticing that the higher up you go in class, the farther away from the earth that experience takes you.

Bun Cha [grilled pork and noodles in broth; typical street food] in a five star hotel would taste cold and out of place, while a piece of toast with caviar on the street would just look comical. Food on the street is the pride of local people.

Food eaten in a suit and tie places culture in a memory bank. The AC [air conditioning] acts as a chemical spray that masks the true nature entirely. Sarah Kloos. Frontstage and backstage kitchens often imply a visibility or hiddenness in relation to cooks as well as diners. However, the idea of visible versus hidden is mediated not only by space, but also by time and diner behaviors. Therefore, there is some fluidity between frontstage and backstage and an ability to morph from one into the other.

Yet, the actualized, current state of a kitchen is what affects the perception of the food being served, its presentation, and thus those who choose to eat it. Brenda Lin. This student shows that Food Studies provides the space to study sociocultural life as well as theoretical space. Once students situated and recognized the gendered labor of the dishes they were consuming, they were prepared to imagine what that work felt like. I asked them in their second research essay to interview food laborers and write from their perspective. For this research essay you will research and write descriptive accounts of food labor in Vietnam.

You may focus exclusively on one type of food labor, or present a series of different modes of food labor e.

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  6. You must draw upon Jensen, et al. You should focus on personal stories of food production and write them up as first-person narratives Research Essay 2 Assignment Prompt. This essay challenged students to write creatively from the first-person perspective of food laborers. Although voluntary, all the students interviewed street vendors with the help of a translator. The melding of primary and secondary data sources allowed students to both personify the analysis they read in a companion book Jensen et al. One student remarked that her interviews corroborated the veracity of what she was reading in class.

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    In particular, students highlighted the loneliness that came with leaving children and sometimes spouses in villages in order to earn urban money that allowed them to maintain these rural lives. The opening to the first essay shows this well:. I wake up longing for my son more than ever before. It has been a rough couple of days for me financially. These are the days that make it especially hard to be far away from home Interview 1 about Ms.

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