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If your design has a lot of curvature, getting those curves to really live up to their potential can be tough. To accomplish the clean line work I used the Steady Stroke feature.

Using this can save you from a lot of hassle and redrawn lines when working on those curves. It probably goes without saying, but if your design is based on straight lines, use the line tool. The Steady Stroke tool will help you make beautiful curves. Using color fields and the magic wand you can easily isolate the specific area you want to shade.

This saves you the trouble of staying inside of the lines or using the eraser like a mad man. I then used the magic wand to select each side separately and started shading the sketch with dark shadows and white highlight. Options you might not have thought of — using the magic wand and gradients to shade objects. Thankfully, the Ellipse tool in SketchBook makes this process a walk in the park. Below you can see a design with a lot of ellipses, this process would have taken a lot longer doing it completely by hand. These are truly some great tips for sketching products and prototypes — or even just quick studies that get you to a more refined drawing.

A few of our favorites from his Instagram feed. Colin is the Sr. He lives near Toronto, Canada.

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All rights reserved. Colin Smith February 8, Drawings of basic shapes: boxes, cylinders in perspective grid, assembly of sketches page composition. Warmup exercise with the base shapes. Continuing the previous lesson, we are going to extend the studies on complex forms and combined forms: construction principles, objects cutting, and boolean intersections. The second part of the lesson deals with shading and gradations. Using complex bodies and learned composition principles, we will train morphology of the objects and various hatching techniques by capturing surrounding objects.

Basic Guidelines to Product Sketching

The lesson begins with the repetition of the learned materials and transitions to the basics of light and material finish. We will learn about one light source sketch: direct light, ambient reflections in the context of matt and gloss finishes diffusion. The training focused on a pallet for volumes buildup. Introduction to markers, pastels, and pencils sketching.

Extending the knowledge on complex bodies, we will train on speed drawing objects surrounding us. I would like to use cookies to better understand and improve the experience of use for this website. Detailed information about the cookies can be found on our privacy policy page. E Articles. View Details.


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