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About this product Product Information Design your own state-of-the-art mobile robots with the help of this practical guide by renowned author and robotics pioneer John Holland! Mobile robotics is experiencing a boom! From the popularity of robot wars programs on TV to the breathtaking rapidity of advances in artificial intelligence research, there is ample evidence all around us that the creation of mobile robots is a burgeoning technological area. With this book, "The Father of Mobile Robotics" distills over twenty years of experience at the forefront of the industry, making his expertise available to everyone.

He provides clear explanations and state-of-the-art treatments of core concepts, as well as practical advice on organizing projects, which will help readers to perfect their designs, and challenge them to explore new avenues in this exciting field. This authoritative and readable guide gives readers all the tools and information needed to put concepts into practice, with particular emphasis on the more difficult problems of control, navigation, and communications.

An added bonus is the author's liberal use of case histories and anecdotes that provide a colorful -- and enlightening -- background for the technical information. With coverage of topics including advanced sensor fusion, control systems for a wide array of application sensors and instrumentation, and fuzzy logic applications, this volume is essential reading for engineers undertaking robotics projects, as well as undergraduate and graduate students studying robotic engineering, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.

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The accompanying CD-ROM provides source code for the examples cited, as well as an electronic version of the text. Book jacket. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. The primary asset of Holland's book is shared wisdom for designing a robot so that its construction follows logically and naturally. Credibility evolves from the author's extensive industrial experience and success. Candid, sometimes irreverent philosophy and strategically watermarked Flashbacks to personal experiences keep the reader entertained and informed Summing Up: Recommended.

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Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots: Inside the mind of an intelligent machine

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