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Emotion In Organizational Change: An Interdisciplinary Exploration 2017

Li, J. Lim, M. Lim, S. Lin, R. Liu, L. Liu, Y. Their positive outlook was spurred on by their desire to learn new approaches generated by feelings of excitement, anticipation, and optimism towards their learning.

Exploring the Transdisciplinary Learning Experiences of Innovation Professionals

Although it took several years to embody the design way… [in other words, transdisciplinary practice], there were clear Aha! Participants acknowledged that, after reflecting on their learning experiences, not every experience was guided by positive emotions. Participants reported experiencing challenges when it came to external influencing factors, such as convincing colleagues of the merits of undertaking a transdisciplinary approach or pursuing organizational change in favour of more transdisciplinary innovative approaches.

For example, one participant reflected on their professional experiences in facilitating a design-led workshop aimed at brokering new solutions to enduring organizational problems in the health sector. The participant reflected that few in their workshop were convinced of the merit of transdisciplinary approaches because they were wed to their world views of approaching problems in particular ways, even if these approaches failed to work. The challenges experienced with seeking organizational change in favour of transdisciplinary and innovative ways of working had personal implications for 4 of 7 participants.

These participants reported feelings of self-doubt, reduced confidence, frustration, or confusion. For example, some participants experienced frustration and confusion due to the learning curve in the new context within which they were working. Some participants were challenged to create a shift in this context by focusing on how knowledge could be applied to real-world contexts, which was different to the normative stance of their peers, which was to specialize in their respective field of knowledge.

I have had some great successes but also significant challenges; it has been a slow burn. These individuals became advocates because they held similar attitudes — a curious mindset, an interest in exploration, and desire to realize novel outcomes for profound change. Interestingly, the same feelings of excitement, anticipation, and optimism that promoted their learning were also the same attitudes that helped participants through these challenging times.

Emotion in Organizational Change : an Interdisciplinary Exploration (eBook, ) []

Our initial research design suggested linear shifts between the pre-learning, during-learning, and post-learning phases of transdisciplinary learning. This feedback loop raises questions about how we amplify traditional learning approaches to better support professional learning as well as identifying the optimal tension between appropriate challenges and attitude as an enabler to constructive transdisciplinary practice. The results of this research also generated two questions that are worthy of further exploration in the study of how transdisciplinary approaches might be shared and learned:.