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March New Production Model.

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Part 4. All about Previs New Production Model. Part 3. Cinebus at the PSC award ceremony.

10 Romantic Movies to Put You Back Into the Feeling of Love

New Model of Film Production. Part 2. December Thank you for a great ! September Nature Film Group August The battles, shootings, car chases, explosions — we shoot action scenes Revolution in Motion Capture accessible to anyone Allegro at the Film Spring Workshop — film project contest Make your own video game!

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A presentation and workshop by Matthias Zabiegly, Aixsponza. Interactive Narration Group is waiting for you! For love of the Brain August Previs Group is waiting for you! Join Interactive Dramaturgy Group! May Join Game Jam group! Some days you wake up feeling like a million bucks, and everything is just sunshine and roses and optimism. Other days, not so much. Sometimes you find yourself overwhelmed by school or work, or going through a breakup, or just feeling blue for no reason. Whatever the case, when you're dealing with a lot of feelings, the best remedy is often just to embrace it and cry. And watching sad movies can help you let it all out.

You might be skeptical, but having a good cry can be really cathartic. And certain movies have all the ingredients to assist in that process.

Cute CGI 3D Animated Short Film ** RUNAWAY ** Emotional Kids Animation Cartoon by Ringling College

So on the days that you find yourself resembling the character in Mean Girls who says, "I just have a lot of feelings," here are some movies to help you cry it out. From stories about lost love, to war movies, to Disney movies with unexpected parental deaths , these films are bound to release any feelings that you've been bottling up. And then once the sobfest is done, you can peel yourself off the floor, wash your face, and rejoin the world of the living.

The Journal for Movies and Mind

So grab some tissues, take a deep breath, and get ready for some waterworks, because the 22 movies below are rough. Click here to watch.

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Johnny Depp's character is so angsty, but with such a good heart. That's why kids sometimes talk back to movies or jump our of their seats and hide during scary scenes. These are just some of the insights Zacks and others are learning from studying how we watch movies. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science recently hosted an event focused on this emerging field. Researchers talked about how movies can help us understand things like eye movement and attention.

Shams doesn't study movies herself, but she is interested in many of the same questions of perception that researchers like Zacks are tackling. She said movies are great for scientific research because subjects can watch them while sitting in a brain-imaging machine like an fMRI.

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That means neuroscientists can see what areas of the brain a movie is activating. She added movies are much closer to real life than the simple shapes and sounds used in earlier neuroimaging studies, but said there are limitations to this kind of research.

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Still, Shams thinks that by studying how movies trick our senses, we might learn new ways to help people with sensory disorders, like autism and dyslexia.