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How are we to believe that the Holy Quran is the word of God?

Like Reply. Maximum words. God does not work in a direct manner The Quran, as well as the Bible, the Torah, and other holy documents proclaiming to be the word of God were all written by people. Related Opinions Is the religious section for debate. Org a garbage fest for trolls? Should "non-religious" and "atheists" be combined on "Peoples' Religion" charts and graphs? Has religion made the world a better place? Can religions create world peace? Is it right for church and state to be separate?

On the list of religions, should pessimism be added? Is Santa Claus real? If demons cause someone to murder is it just to punish this person? Please, assume god exists in this question. Do we have to respect religions and accept the way someone chooses to dress. Comments 0.

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More Events Win Store. Open Menu. Search What are you looking for? The Word of God and the Quran Videos. Explore Subjects. What's Trending. Menu Close. Video 2. Follow What Sperm Whales Can Teach Us About Humanity Sperm whales are only at the surface for about 15 or 20 minutes at a time, yet photographer Brian Skerry is able to capture beautiful moments of these giant undersea predators. He experienced the rare opportunity to photograph a social gathering of six sperm whales near the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica.

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Their numbers have since recovered, allowing researchers to reveal some amazing discoveries about their unique biology and fascinating migratory patterns. Witness the life cycle of this extraordinary mammal—from mating to birthing and weaning—in this short film produced by Palomar TV. Follow Thai Cave Rescue Using 3D technology, we can finally understand just how complex the cave systems were in Thailand that trapped 12 boys and their coach.

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How were the rescued? Learn about the three distinct ways this groundbreaking mission will study the deep interior of the red planet in the latest video from Decoder. Zebras are best known for their distinctive black and white stripes.

Do You Know These 7 Differences Between the Bible and Quran?

We are still learning about why this bold colour scheme has evolved over time, but this rare zebra has an unusually pale look of its very own. It has a condition called leucism, which causes its "blonde" colouring. Unlike albinism, leucistic animals are not completely white, can produce some pigment, and may even develop normal colouring as they age.

Follow Solar System How many planets are in the solar system? How did it form in the Milky Way galaxy?

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Learn facts about the solar system's genesis, plus its planets, moons, and asteroids. Throughout history, countless myths and scientific theories have tried to explain the universe's origins. The most widely accepted explanation is the big bang theory. Learn about the explosion that started it all and how the universe grew from the size of an atom to encompass everything in existence today. Follow TIL: How Chameleons Change Colour New research suggests that the way chameleons change colour is very different from what scientists had assumed.

Follow Shark Tagged From Submarine For First Time In History For the past year, a research team has developed a new strategy to study the near-threatened bluntnose sixgill shark in deep waters. Load More Go Back. Related Videos loading

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