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1. Practice thinking better about yourself.

When preparing for a move, your regular schedule will often be thrown out the window. Instead, try to maintain some of your daily or weekly activities. For example, if you like to go for a run on weekend mornings, then do your best to continue doing so. Set aside the time to keep your family takeaway or movie nights. A bit of regularity during this moment of your life will go a long way. Closely related to the previous point, taking the time to treat yourself is also extremely beneficial. When moving, you might feel like there is simply not enough time to do everything, including having time for yourself and your family.

If all you do is prepare for your move, your health and happiness will quickly deteriorate. Instead, allow some time to do things you love. Engage in a hobby or go on a weekend trip with your family—anything that makes you happy. Use our form to send a quote request to multiple moving companies near you in one go. Ask for help on your move and save money too by comparing their prices easily! Submit a request for free quotations. Compare up to 6 different companies and select the quote that suits you best. Free Trusted movers. Moving Everybody knows that moving is one of the most stressful events in life.

How much does moving actually cost?

Choosing the Role That's Best for You

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How To Move Forward In Life When You Feel Stuck

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Change Of Address. Moving House With A Dog. Moving House With A Cat. Student Movers. Relocation Expenses Relocation Expenses. Moving House Quotes. Cheap Removals. Conveyancing Conveyancing. Change of Address Checklist. Packing Supplies. Packing Tips. You probably know that moving is one of the greatest stressors of modern life—right up there with losing a loved one or a job. But surprisingly few resources are available to help.

You spend hours on the phone with the people you left behind, pay a hefty bill for psychotherapy and plot ways to move back to where you started.

33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Hit the rewind button! Typically, these people have always enjoyed vacation time with their extended families—parents, siblings, nephews and nieces. They assume that more time will be even better.

But living nearby completely changes the relationship. When you visit once a year, your time together becomes a special occasion. Your family and friends make room on their calendars to spend extra time with you.

How To Move Forward In Life When You Feel Stuck

When you live around the corner, they go back to being busy. Your favorite brother has activities scheduled every night of the week. Your nieces and nephews want to spend time with friends their own age. Your relationship with the community changes too. Even worse, you may not be able to duplicate your career in a new city. Anne, a single financial analyst, was dismayed to find she was expected to come in on Monday and share stories about her weekend To avoid this mistake, take proactive steps to build your own life and make your own friendships when you move.

Everybody helps you get settled the first few weeks. After that, you are on your own. Expect to wait six months to three years to feel settled in your new home.

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Cities, towns and regions differ widely even in the same country. Each location has its own unwritten rules and customs that you violate at your peril. At some point you may not even want to assimilate to your new home. Sometimes the culture will conflict with your own values and lifestyle. Even today, a single person can feel like an outsider in a family-oriented town. You may be able to connect quickly when you belong to organizations with chapters in multiple locations—anything from a church to a Rotary Club to a college alumni association.

In one, I found good friends, a few of whom became close. In another, I enjoyed the people but we connected only at meetings. And in the third, I felt alienated and eventually dropped out. Every professional organization, club, neighborhood group and leisure activity will recruit you. As soon as you commit to a group—even a class—by paying dues or signing up for regular meetings, the game is over.

Additionally, the people or groups who are most eager to connect will inevitably be the neediest. Avoid long-term commitments for at least six months—maybe even a year. When you join anything—even an informal coffee group—your absence will be noticed when you stop coming.

We will miss you forever! Your interests may have diverged since you last spent significant time together. They got married, had a baby, returned to school, found a new career, or became immersed in art, sports , comedy, animal rescue, or politics. Build your own network of friendship and support, based on where you are now—not what you would have wanted five years ago and not what your friends think would be in your best interests.

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Finding a new physician or hair stylist can be scary; finding a therapist or coach will be even more daunting. Take full advantage while you can. Ken was transferred from Boston to the southeastern U. He moved away as quickly as possible, frustrated as he tried to understand their accents, let alone their values and social customs. Later he realized he missed an opportunity to learn about U. Making the Big Move , 3rd edition, is an update of the original, published by New Harbinger in It is part of the Midlife Career series. I find the apologetic caption under her picture about the source hilarious.

Seriously though, that was an incredible article. I rarely find social or political stuff in common with Americans I'm Lebanese but I could relate to each and every point made in this article. As it's even rarer in my country for a single female to live alone apart from college students , my move was difficult and risky.