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Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

Let's create a whole new experience of school. Together.

Learning about leadership one small move at a time. Principal Connections, 20 1. The learning conversations protocol: An intentional interruption strategy for enhanced collaborative learning. The Capacity Building Series, The Ontario Ministry of Education. Student Preparedness Upon Graduation. Avon Maitland District School Board. Research Report: Working together to translate research to practice: Early learning.

Toronto Region Professional Network Centre.

Book Talk : Finish Lessons 2.0 What can the world learn educational change in Finland

The District School Board of Niagara. York Region District School Board. Ballantyne, P. Stimulating Innovation in Next Practice.

It's a movement, not a moment.

Bulletin 1 from the External Evaluation of Next Practice. Innovation Unit UK. Bulletin 2 from the External Evaluation of Next Practice. Next Practice in Action. Bulletin 3 from the External Evaluation of Next Practice. Toronto District School Board. National College for School Leadership. Torrance, N.

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Journal of Teaching and Learning. Reconnecting the child and the curriculum: Places of paradox. Curriculum and Teaching, 17 1 , The fourth folk pedagogy.

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Sternberg Eds. Mahwah: Erlbaum. It's about learning; And it's about time. Networking for school improvement. International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioural Sciences. Building instructional leadership capacity through Networked Learning Communities. Together is better Staff Development Council of Ontario Connections.

Networked learning communities to foster learning for teachers and their students. Principal Connections, Learning about networked learning communities. School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 21 1.

  1. In Search of Effective Disability Policy: Comparing the Developments and Outcomes of the Dutch and Danish Disability Policies (Amsterdam University Press - Changing Welfare States).
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  4. The Religion of the Peacock Angel: The Yezidis and Their Spirit World.
  5. Molecular Breeding of Woody Plants, Volume 18.
  6. International perspectives on networked learning. Leadership in networked learning communities. School Leadership and Management, 27 3. How networked learning communities work. Centre for Strategic Education series, What makes a network a learning network? Creating new knowledge: Evaluating networked learning communities. Education Canada, Winter. The role of the superintendent in supporting networked learning communities and beyond. Keywords: school development; school-based health promotion; learning processes and outcomes; participation; health and wellbeing; equity; professional development.

    Keywords: Assessment; evaluation; testing; measurement; system monitoring; assessment quality; impact on policy and practice.

    Education Counts

    Keywords: Initial teacher education; professional development; teacher induction; teacher qualification; pedagogical approaches; teacher educator identity; research capacity building. Keywords: quality approaches; quality models; educational improvement; quality predictors; quality indicators; quality certification; quality of education impact; quality of educational systems; quality of educational institutions or entities; quality of educational processes.

    Keywords: Ethical, political, aesthetic and epistemologial dimensions of Educational Theory; philosophical issues connected to educational practice, educational policy, educational research; formal and informal education and upbringing; different philosophical, theoretical schools or cultural traditions. Keywords: Rural schooling; urban schooling; place based and place conscious education; educational trajectories and transitions; school-family-community links; parental and familial involvement in schools. Keywords: Partnership; collaborative work; cooperation; collaborative practitioner research; network experience.

    Keywords: history; visual; space; educational reform; educational sciences; diversity; schooling.

    Aporia Consulting Ltd.

    Keywords: Sport; physical activity; pedagogy; sport policy; health and wellbeing; personal and social development; teachers and coaches. Keywords: Ethnography; narrative; fieldwork; representation; observation; life-history; action research. Keywords: Innovative strategies for intercultural teaching and its learning; Intercultural discourses and the role of inclusive and intercultural education; Local identities and European citizenship. Keywords: academic work; employability; governance; higher education; learning; policy; teaching.

    get link Keywords: Critical social science; the politics of policy making in education; power relations and education; education policy and the politics of equity; education and the politics of inclusion; Europeanisation, globalisation and education; transformations in the governing of education; research policies and politics; knowledge-policy relationships; policies and the politics of educational knowledge.

    Keywords: educational leadership; principal; leadership; governance; governing; middle level management and leadership; superintendence; management; educational administration; professionalization; system leadership; administration; leadership preparation; teacher leadership; leadership in relation to effectiveness; accountability; autonomy and health. Keywords: Research on arts education; comparative and international studies on arts education; policies and curricula on arts education; arts based research; arts based pedagogy; philosophy of the arts and education; higher arts education; arts education history.

    Keywords: Environmental and sustainability education, environmental education, education for sustainable development, global education, outdoor education, and socio-scientific issues in science education, educational policy, institutional and curriculum development, pedagogical practice, professional development, and learner empowerment. Keywords : educational linguistics, literacy research, language acquisition, language assessment, second and foreign language research, multilingualism. Keywords: gender in equality in education; educational sciences; gender performance; gender sensitive education; teacher education and professional development for gender sensitive teaching; gendered educational choices; gender binary and education; policy on gender equality in education.