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The save DC is Charisma -based.

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The least of the known types of nightshade, the nightwing is nevertheless a deadly foe. Nightwings often serve more powerful nightshades as aerial support.

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These nightshades are also the most likely to be found serving a non-undead master—nightwings are often used by powerful mortals as guardians or sentinels. Despite this, nightwings still hope to someday slay any master they serve.

They enter servitude primarily as a method of aiding a destructive or murderous mortal in their task of mass murder; once this task is over, or if at any point the nightwing believes its master is slacking in its murderous duties, the nightwing is swift to turn on its one-time ally. A nightwing found on the Material Plane not in the employ of a more powerful master is typically encountered in rugged terrain where there are numerous locations that can provide shelter when the sun rises.

The monsters prefer caves and abandoned buildings for this purpose.

Ric Grayson Must Learn How to Nightwing in Nightwing #59 Preview

Wesley Schneider, Owen K. Stephens, James L. Sutter, Russ Taylor, and Greg A.

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Shop the Open Gaming Store! Sell at the Open Gaming Store! I think that creates the opportunity for some unique possibilities that will add to the tapestry of Richard Grayson.

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  • Nrama : When you were discussing with DC what you wanted to do with the book, where did you land on the direction this book will take? How would you describe your approach? I see potential in that.

    Nightwing: The Series (TV Mini-Series ) - IMDb

    It can add to and enhance his rich tapestry of story. Jason Bourne had no memory of a broad swath of his life yet still had the skills. The question is, what does he do with those skills? Why does he get involved?

    Lego Batman - Nightwing's Return

    I think this is where we get into his character. If the message is that it takes four characters to replace one—then I think that speaks well of Richard Grayson. Jurgens : I intend to explore the question of who and what is a hero?

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