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Nowadays, we have the garter toss, where eligible single men stand and wait for the garter to be tossed, and it is said that catching the garter brings good luck to the man who catches it, with him to be the next one to marry. Something old, something new, a silver sixpence in her shoe. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is a good luck saying that dates back to Victorian times and many brides still follow this old tradition. The Wedding Cake.

Originally, wheat, bread and then cake was thrown at the bride as one of the many fertility based traditions surrounding a wedding, and this is reputed to have been changed to our modern tradition of eating the cake by the early Roman bakers. Cutting of the cake is steeped in symbols. Cutting through the bottom layer of the cake symbolises the continuity of their relationship.

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When the cake has been cut, the groom is meant feed his bride first, and then the bride will follow, signifying their commitment to care for each other, and ensuring good luck and fortune. Your wedding is getting close and your nerves are becoming more frazzled. Feeling overwhelmed is becoming your new normal, and you and your fiance seem to spend all of your time consumed with wedding plans.

These feeling of overwhelm could be caused by a number of issues in the busy lead up to your wedding.

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Whatever your reasons are, perhaps it is time to take a wedding planning break, just you and your partner spending time together, just hanging out and remembering your reasons why you wanted to get married. Taking a mini break dedicated to you as a couple is a great way to let you see the big picture, strengthen your bond, and to set a good pattern for your marriage, especially after you have kids.

Minibreaks could be an afternoon off, a weekend off, or even a whole week with wedding planning put on the back burner, while you spend time looking after your relationship. Some great mini breaks are :. The pros and cons of a private ceremony TCN celebrants have noticed a recent trend towards couples choosing to elope and having a small ceremony with just the celebrant and witnesses. On the plus side, these ceremonies can be romantic, fun, stress free and far less expensive than the traditional family occasion.

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They are ideally suited to some couples. The down side may be that family are genuinely hurt by being excluded from this important occasion. This can be difficult to understand, especially for couples who are already living together and who decide they just want to "make it legal" with minimum fuss. Sharing is Caring However, if the couple think more deeply about the significance of the marriage ceremony they may see the value in a larger ceremony that involves family and friends. The marriage ceremony results in changes of legal status and relationships.

They also acquire new relationships with their in-laws - a new extended family and friendship group. So in many ways a marriage is not just a relationship between two individuals.

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It is a formal and social relationship between two networks of family and friends. Being part of the ceremony means a lot to those who love the couple. So how can we have a big celebration for a small cost? This TCN article about having a big celebration on a low budget could assist your planning. When deciding on an outdoor venue please take into consideration the need to tidy up after the celebration. Today we look at using Interpreters at marriage ceremonies conducted in compliance with Australian Law. What Does Section Mean? Without the celebrant, your wedding is just a great party.

The celebrant ensures that your party is actually a wedding. SO, how do you budget for your celebrant? First, you need to select your celebrant, and do that based on which one feels right for you, not based on their cost. And make sure that you book the date with them, and pay your deposit.

Then, you can work out the best way to budget for the celebrant, in the same way you would budget for your cake, your reception, the photographer, the hairdresser. Talk with your celebrant about the best options for both of you. Having your perfect celebrant perform your perfect wedding ceremony is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. It's important to keep up communication on the day of your wedding. With your fiance, check on how you are both feeling. Let It Go. Photo Credit: Arina B.

Photography There are going to be things that go wrong - there I said it. You have to accept that and move on. The most important thing on this special day is not whether the flowers are the right colour or if the flowergirl tipped all the petals on the ground in one place, then stormed off The most important thing is that you and your partner get married.

Find The Funny Speaking of flowergirls doing the dump and run You might like to speak to your celebrant about including a funny story into your ceremony, helping you to relax whilst engaging your guests.

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Spring certainly makes you think of flowers, new life and sunshine after the cold wintery months. However, while a day full of glorious spring sunshine would be great, keep in mind that the weather is still a little unpredictable, so take this into consideration when you are choosing your venue. Contact one of our TCN Celebrants and start sharing your spring wedding ideas! Wedding planning is an important part of the preparation for your life together as a married couple and working with your celebrant over a period of time to design your ideal ceremony is part of the fun.

Your celebrant will be able to tell you about these rules how to go about seeking permission. It just doesn't happen like that. Later on, if you both decide you want to marry then you can return to your celebrant, give due notice and have a legal wedding - as large or small as you wish.

Many Australian couples and overseas visitors decide to take advantage of our beautiful beaches, parks and headlands for their wedding ceremony. The result can be a beautiful ceremony with a stunning backdrop which delights you and your guests. Try to have all the guests seated. Some councils limit the number of chairs you can set up on public land but it really is much more comfortable for guests if they are seated.

I love doing ceremonies on the beautiful beaches and headlands of the Eurobodalla area and the rain stopped long enough for this couple to get fabulous pictures after the ceremony. Kyla Hall at Tuross Head however provided a perfect setting for the ceremony and everyone was dry and comfortable. I was thinking about this question when someone recently suggested that civil ceremonies were a "cheap" option compared with the traditional church wedding.

Really nothing could be further from the true reason people choose civil ceremonies. No matter where the ceremony is held, the cost of a wedding is determined by all the extras - dresses, flowers, photographs, cars, reception and so on, and these are usually the same whether the ceremony is civil or church. The real reasons are about atmosphere and choice. For the couple who do not have strong connections with a church, the words, music and atmosphere of a church service can be alien. Whereas with a civil ceremony the couple can choose the time and day, their favourite location, the words and music for their ceremony and can make vows to eachother that are truly meaningful to them.

This choice leads to a happy, relaxed atmosphere in which guests can really appreciate the love and commitment that the couple are showing towards each other. No wonder that civil marriage ceremonies, conducted by celebrants trained in both ceremonial and legal requirements, are the most popular ceremonies today. On a Pop-up Wedding Day several couples are married at the same venue, in carefully controlled timeslots throughout the day. They are certainly a fun, low cost alternative to the traditional large wedding. The ideal answer for couples who want a low key, no fuss, intimate occasion.

You should know that you can cut the costs and the fuss and still have total control of your wedding.

Choose a place that you both love and decide the day and time that suits you, book a celebrant for a simple short ceremony, book a photographer for a one hour shoot or take along a talented friend with a camera, chill a bottle of decent bubbly, pick up a cake or your favourite food and enjoy your special day your way.

Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of your wedding day and creates memories for you, your family and friends for years ahead.

Getting married is about making one of the most important legal, emotional, social, economic and practical commitments you will ever make in your life. The me, me, me wedding - By Hannah Seligson. Thank goodness we only do family weddings once in a while.