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You will unify all aspects of your being and bring yourself in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

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As a group, we meet once a week to work through the information in each module, share experiences and gain different perspectives from others. A module is emailed to you once a week and a monthly Skype or in person session is offered, giving you the opportunity to discuss the information you are working through, any questions you may have and any insights you have gained. Doing Pathways to Mastery via correspondence gives you to opportunity to learn and experience at your own pace and schedule.

Our first weekend retreat is in June On this retreat we will cover Mastery of the Heart, the first segment of Pathways to Mastery. The following modules are covered over this two day period through means of discussion, activities, meditation and sharing.

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It is a group experience that will have a lasting empowering impact. A one-on-one pre-course interview is offered to answer any questions and to discuss the course details and commitment. Pathways to Mastery Pathways to Mastery. It has impacted all aspects of my life in the best possible way, including my relationship with myself, my relationship with others, and to my work.

The deep healing and positive, enduring changes it facilitated in me on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level are nothing short of radical. I now have an amazing set of tools to manage and navigate the challenges of life.

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I have stripped away all that needed to be shed, and rebooted. Through the journey of her brilliantly constructed process, I remembered, reconstituted and fully aligned with the divine soul self that I am. I have redefined for myself what it means to be a being of power, a power that has pure light and love at its core. It has fully restored my trust and faith in my spiritual source, in myself, and in my divine path.

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Employing Shamanic techniques you are awoken to your inner power and given access to the cosmic universal energy of your soul. Each segment consists theoretical work and exercises.

The six segments are — Foundation for Mastery In this segment we look at your beliefs verse your truth and uncover any hidden blocks to expanding your self-awareness. This program can be completed three ways —. In a group with Kate in Cape Town, South Africa As a group, we meet once a week to work through the information in each module, share experiences and gain different perspectives from others. Via correspondance A module is emailed to you once a week and a monthly Skype or in person session is offered, giving you the opportunity to discuss the information you are working through, any questions you may have and any insights you have gained.

One on one with Kate in person or via Skype. A one-on-one post course consultation with Kate is also offered if required. For more details please contact us. Your guide on this adventure is Kate Spreckley. Kate, as the founder and director of Spirit Pathways, is passionate about awakening, healing and shifting consciousness.

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In the Pathways to Mastery Program Kate shares teachings and experiences that have completely transformed her life for the better. Her belief and dedication in these processes has lead her to create this power and effective program. She is dedicated and committed to supporting you in discovering your path to higher consciousness and healing.

The secret to the success of this program lies in the universal message of its teachings and how easy and natural it is to bring them into your every day life. Kate has taken the best of what she has learned, in over two decades of study and practice, and put them into this profound program. To have faith, to not live in fear and guilt as well as that everyone is a leader in their own way were the greatest learnings for me. An amazing journey to have done. Very sad that it is finishing as it has become part of my life and so much has transformed over the course.

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What I found there will remain with me, sustain me, strengthen me, endure with me. She has set me on my way to continue tentatively on my own with wise navigation. The freedom of this immense. My teacher extends her hand. They are also deeply instructive for those who have the ethical grounding as well as the respect and openness in their hearts to receive these pure teachings. His work is a set of teachings and perspectives on the matter of the collapse that have become refined over time.

His work is suited to advanced and evolved souls who understand they are at the end of their journey through karmic reality and who are called to the Path of Physical Ascension. The Voyager Masterpiece, a seminal work related to Physical Ascension, was completed in Voyager is an Advanced Level Masterpiece for those who can handle strong truths and who are ready to purify themselves in the presence of Source.

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Voyager offers a glimpse into spiritual reality as seen from the perspective of a Spiritual Master and is the product of many years of intensive spiritual purification. His ongoing relationship with Star Beings and the Source has revealed to Free Spirit that it is possible to leave a dying biosphere as a fully-realized Voyager and not have to bear witness to the collapse of human civilization. Voyager is also one of the most expensive books on Earth, for reasons of the extreme value of refined spiritual awareness and is most suited for advanced souls with interests in either Physical Ascension and rare esoteric works, or for rare book collectors.

The experiences he had helped him to transmute the karma of the collapse and he found forgiveness for Light-Worker Karma. Spiritual Master Free Spirit understood how his Twin Flame from the Stars was a gift from The Source, a gift of love, that helped him to complete his karmic learning, in this world. This book can be useful for those wanting to go deeper with Twin Flame Forgiveness, or to understand the phenomena of karmic stone moving, or how to open up to Twin Flame Love for healing — and Free Spirit explains what pathways there are for Twins on Ascension Paths and how that ties into the ego.

He writes about how he was opened up to a deeper love as a result of the experiences of being visited often by his Twin Flame in the astral and some of the bizarre things that happened to him in the astral and in the outer world in those experiences, that led him to be purified from karma and manifested a retreat centre.