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Additionally, he details how to use the raining journal to schedule long runs, drills, speed workouts, rest days, etc.

Custom Running Journal

The week journal is simple to use and easy to analyze. This will help you keep your motivation high and your running continual. Jeff Galloway was an average teenage runner who kept learning and working harder until he became an Olympian. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. It is difficult to consistently maintain a high level of motivation throughout this process.

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But the price you pay for losing your motivation can be severe. Your training diary can help you avoid motivational dips by reinforcing your investment in your goals. I owe it to myself to keep my momentum going until the very end.

Things inevitably go wrong in the training process. You develop injuries, you experience flat weeks, you have bad races, and so forth. Figuring out the cause of each setback will help you reduce the number of future setbacks you experience. Your training diary holds much of the information you need to successfully troubleshoot your setbacks.

For example, in looking over your training diary during a period of injury, you might discover that you tend to get injured any time you increase your weekly running mileage above a certain rate.

Running Keeping A Training Log – PodiumRunner

Armed with this information, you can hold yourself below this rate in the future and minimize your injuries. Every runner experiences doubts about his or her ability to achieve race goals. The runners who most often achieve their goals are those who muster the confidence to shout down these natural voices of doubt. Your training diary can be a great source of confidence.


It is the nearest thing you have to proof that you can achieve your goals before you actually achieve them. Whenever you hear those voices of doubt within you, pick up your training diary and remind yourself of how much cause you have to believe that you will achieve your goals.

There are just a few basic types of information you need to record. I was thril led. Now that I log my runs, swims, bike rides and strength training every day, I thought this would be another tool to keep me accountable and on track. Jeff talks to you in his voice and explains how you can use his program and stay injury free. He talks about the Magic Mile MM , a mile after warm up around a track. That number is your pace. Once you set that, add at least 2 minutes to that number to get your long race pace. It also explains how long runs should be set and an additional 2 minutes added to the Magic Mile number. He says to take walk breaks before you get tired. At the end of the book, after you log in all of your data, he has a troubleshooting section where he talks about various injuries and how to take care of them, cross training schedules and actual 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon schedules.